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Based on the shared understanding among the Korean Society of Clean Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Society) and authors of the above cited manuscript (hereinafter referred to as the Work) that the copyright of the Work should be protected effectively, the undersigned author agrees to transfer the copyright of the Work that has been approved for publication in Clean Technology exclusively to the Society, subject to the following:

1. After the copyright transfer of the Work to the Society has been completed, the lead author or co-author(s) reserve the rights to revise, adapt, present orally, or distribute prints of the Work in the Society or for their personal purposes. All authors of the Work retain the rights to include the title of the Work as well as abstract, tables and figures in their academic research or research papers or publish them on their web-site(s). Such activities should be for personal, noncommercial benefit, purpose only and the information of the paper should be cited precisely.

2. In all instances in which the Work is prepared as a work made for hire by an employer, the employer, whose authorized agent signs below, retains the right to publish, reprint and distribute the Work internally, provided that all such use is for the promotion of its business enterprise and does not imply the endorsement of the Society.

3. Whenever the Society is approached by a third party for individual permission to use, reprint, or republish specified articles, the Society will make a decision without permission from the undersigned author or copyright holder.

4. No propriety right other than copyright is claimed by the Society. 

With his or her signature, the author warrants that he/she is the lead author who has the consent of all authors and the authorized agent of the employer, and agrees to transfer the copyright to the Society.

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